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    Information on Trah Hour

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    Information on Trah Hour

    Post by Sharkcity on Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:14 am

    Information on Trah Hour: Our FC is for finding all types of harmonized ores on all P2P worlds in the glorious city of Prifddinas. To the south of Prifddinas lodestone in the Trahaearn district, there are many kinds of rocks containing ores (coal, mithril, adamantite, runite). Our FC calls all available worlds for those ores so that you can find the ores that you desire to mine. A FC rank will be doing calls, which means that they will be telling you in the FC what worlds contain which type of harmonized ores. We always appreciates what we call "Scouters". Scouters are people that hop from one world to another to help find which worlds contain which types of harmonized ores. Typically, when we don't have a world with runite ores active, we ask for people to "scout". All that this means is that we ask that people help hop from one world to another to find some more runite ores so that everyone gets the most amount possible!

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