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    Welcome Post

    Post by Sharkcity on Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:08 am

    Welcome to Trah Fun FC Official Forums Website! This website is for anyone in our FC that wants to look at our most recent updates and other things related to the FC and/or Trah Hour! Trah hour is short for Trahaearn Hour. This happens when the Trahaearn district in Prifddinas is spotlighted. This is shown on the top-right hand corner of your screen when you enter Prifddinas. To enter Prifddinas, you must complete Plague's End (Elf Series) quest. We try to provide you with the most amount of Runite ores for every Trah hour. We also provide other ores such as coal, mithril, and adamantite. We try to help you locate the most of the ores that you desire during the hour that the Trahaearn district is spotlighted. We hope that you have the best experience possible with our FC!

    ~ Sharkcity - Forums Director

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